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Davide Sartini engages MIT to help him prepare UNIFILL for the future

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 5 days ago

Davide Sartini, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL

Davide Sartini is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL, a leading packaging solutions provider headquartered in Italy. In this post, Davide shares the pillars behind his company's business model. He also explains why chose to earn an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation and what drew him to MIT in the first place, from the presence of a high-level people network to the first-rate professors.

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What’s Kind Got to Do with It?: Measurement, Social Well Being, and a Way Forward

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 9 days ago

During his recent webinar “What’s Kind Got to Do with It: Measurement, Social Well Being, and a Way Forward” MIT Sloan Professor of Applied Economics, Roberto Rigobon, explains that humans often measure the wrong things at the wrong time. The result being that we under-invest in the ideas that are going to solve the world’s most important problems. So how do we move forward and break down barriers?

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Should criticism be encouraged during brainstorming?

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 22 days ago

Illustration of people brainstorming

Criticism has long been viewed by many as the quickest way to kill creativity in brainstorming. But recent research by MIT Sloan Professor Jared Curhan says otherwise. When it comes to negotiations, bringing criticism to the table can help both parties come with creative, outside the box ideas for mutually beneficial solutions.

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Executive Education: Now more than ever

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 27 days ago

Executive in a Zoom class on her laptop

Now more than ever, business leaders are leaning on executive education to help them solve new problems, upskill their teams, and futureproof their companies and careers. And many have found the virtual learning format to be rewarding. Learn more about the upside of remote learning, from upskilling for the new world of work to building a more inclusive and uplifting climate.

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What is algorithmic business thinking?

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 14 days ago

Algorithmic business thinking

It is well understood that algorithms have allowed organizations to scale in ways that weren’t possible even five or 10 years ago. In light of the technologies powering our progress, enterprises need to consistently upskill their workforce and rethink how to approach organizational strategy, leadership, and management.

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Solving climate change with magic buckshot

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 24 days ago

During a recent webinar, MIT Sloan professor John Sterman used the current pandemic to highlight the similarities (and opportunities) shared with the ongoing threat of climate change. In both instances, we’re dealing with scenarios that are invisible and have long time delays, which makes them difficult concepts for most individuals to grasp.

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Strategic change: It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Posted by MIT Sloan Executive Education - 1 month and 25 days ago

The Hollywood version of leadership involves the protagonist coming into a floundering organization and – through a mix of sheer charisma and gumption (and perhaps a well-placed music montage) – managing to turn everything around. In her recent webinar, MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, Dr. Elsbeth Johnson, reveals that strategic change is not quite as easy (or glamorous).

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